Sartoria Tosi


Sartoria Tosi, meaning fine tailored clothing, continues the tradition of excellence that expert Italian tailors have carried on for generations.Each suit is carefully crafted by hand, and the floating chest piece is assembled with the best canvas material available. The quality of the suit is evident as soon as its tried on. Only the finest of wools are selected before the construction of each garment.

Constructed by hand, the semi-canvas floating chest piece is made from the finest horsehair, and is attached by hand, not glued or fused together like most suits. The shoulder is also designed and assembled by hand to caress and perfectly fall over the arm and body while providing astonishing shape. The inner waistband has pleats (pant is flat front) and a split rear seam giving extra comfort while sitting down. Patterned and stripped fabrics are cut by hand and assembled to align perfectly.

However, we don’t stop at superior construction.  Sartoria Tosi suits are made from the worlds best fabrics, top linings, baked buttons and made in the same factory as some of the leading designer brands suits.

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