This brand gets its name from Rino Bresciani, the co-owner of SRG. His vision of creating a functional top quality mens sport shirt comes to life in this line.

Shirts- Bringing together world renown designers and a leading shirt factory, each detail was carefully planned. Only top fabrics are used in creating each shirt, made with contrast collars cuffs and plaquetes complimenting the base fabrics. Precision pic stitching detail and cuff bands are just some of the bells and whistles each shirt offers. When you want to make a statement, RGB is it.

Jeans- When looking for a jean that provides both comfort and a fit accommodating to any body type, look no further. RGB jeans are top-of-line quality in fabrics, and are perfect for timeless, casual style. Every man knows that not all jeans are created equal. Stand out with this jean.

Outerwear- High end sweaters and jackets complete the RGB collection.  These functional high-end garments are made for the gentleman on the go.  Let these RGB products keep up with your active lifestyle.

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